Want help with your marriage or committed relationship? You are in the right place.

Mike and Elizabeth Thomas, Marriage and Family TherapistsIt isn’t fun to have marriage or relationship stress but the good news is you’re looking around for someone to help. We aren’t here to change your personalities - in fact the more vibrant you are the easier counseling will go.

Whether you’re being told to find a counselor, or are the one pursuing help, we hold firmly that there is no good guy/bad guy in a marriage. We try to connect strongly with both of you so you feel understood by us (and then we work to get your spouse to understand you and you to understand your spouse or partner.) It always takes two to get into trouble and two to get out!

We are married and both marriage and family therapists but do not see couples together. Mike tends to come at things more with an emotional lens so if you’re not already able to talk about how things feel for you, he can assist you in getting out of defensiveness or anger so your partner can see where you’re coming from. Elizabeth is better with men and women who aren’t as into feelings and emotions and has specialized training if one or both of you isn’t sure you want to divorce or do couples counseling called Discernment Counseling. It is very powerful for couples where one wants to save the marriage and the other isn’t sure what they want.

Our core belief: if two people want to work on themselves and on their relationship, anything is possible. We are here for your commitment to each other.

We know for some it is hard to reach out for help. It’s common to feel that you are married to someone so different from you, it seems insurmountable to get on the same page. Trust us – it’s not.  In fact, marriages are often a lot more fun when we don’t marry ourselves.

We are dedicated to the questions, pressures, assumptions, myths, and hopes you have about marriage counseling. You are welcome to our offices no matter your gender, sexual orientation, religion (or secularity), political views, or disabilities seen or unseen.

Give either of us a call or email when you’re ready to schedule or if you have any question. Our schedule, locations and rates are all available on this website as you chose the right marriage or couple counselor for your situation. Many couples have never done therapy before which is just fine. We promise we don’t bite… and we won’t psychobabble you. Laughing is common in session. You’ll find half the work of couples counseling is self-growth… which often spills over into improved friendships, family relationships, and a sense of self awareness that gives confidence and a belief that you can get through about anything life throws at you.